“You can't solve problems until you under
-stand the other side." –
Jeffrey Manber”



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Welcome to Hall Mediation of North Carolina   

     Why do you need a Mediator?  There will always be disputes between people, companies and corporations.  Mediation allows the parties an opportunity to learn more about the other party’s perspective of the facts in the case, enabling both parties to make a more informed decision regarding their case.  The Mediator assists the parties in looking at all the various factors in the case, both positive and negative, in order to help the parties resolve disputed issues in the case and/or reach a final settlement in the case.  This allows the parties the opportunity to control the outcome of their own case instead of having a Judge decide the case after a lengthy and costly court proceeding.  Having worked 15 plus years as a Deputy Commissioner with the North Carolina Industrial Commission deciding disputes in all types of cases, I look forward to assisting the parties in resolving their own disputes.

I now travel the state of North Carolina assisting parties in voluntarily resolving legal disputes prior to litigation.  I am certified by the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts to mediate simple and complex civil cases involving personal injury, property disputes, contracts, employment matters, business controversies, and workers' compensation cases


"I've always felt it was best for the parties to try and work out a resolution where possible because it gives them the opportunity to control the outcome of the case. I look forward to working with parties to help resolve issues and cases without the need for formal hearings and added litigation costs."
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